Our Law is Blood, Silence is Our Method

Akhkharu: Dark Ambient, Ritual Occult recordings with a foundation in Vampyric Magick.
Annuna Ki (Brian Artwick): Music & Audio Sorcery
Akhtya Nachttoter (Michael W. Ford): Script & Vocal Evocation
Scorpios Androctonus: Guitars & Bass

Our Law is Blood, Silence is Our Method.

The Law is Chaos, as Apophis we devour and drink the life, Immortal Black Adept who knows the mysteries of the Black Order of the Dragon. Our Law is Blood, Silence is our method.

Lex ordinis in niger…

From flesh to spirit and into the material world again we may go, trespassing all laws as ours is Chaos.

Beneficium flamma…

Ave Calix Sanguinis, let the ceremony initiate the Black Flame of the necromantic aethyr, from the flesh the spirit is liberated, the Undead and Deified Akh, given power by Anubis, the Death-Shade, Sheut has entered the circle sealed in blood.

Lamashtu Lilu…

Delabitur ad mortem domus ejus,
Et ducit ad manes.
Omnes qui ingrediuntur ad eam non revertentur
Maiorum et semitas vitæ.

Ave Calix Sanguinis Lilitu dom Tehom

Ave Calix Sanguinis Bnu Rev Ku Ran A