• 2016 Various Artists: Berith Zine III
    track: “Das Swartze Order und das Gesetzen (The Law of the Black Order)”
    Alexa Records CD (AR-PM-003)
    Fanzine with T-shirt, patch, poster, and CD.
    Various artists featuring: Akhkharu, Crimson Moon, Balfor, Portae Obscuritas, Gnosis Occultus, Daphelium, Suicidal Nazareth, Eneysth, and Ishnagar.
  • 1996 Akhkharu: The Chronicle of Shadows: The First Scroll of the Awakening – Chapters I-III
    Ishnigarrab Recordings cassette album (ISH051)
  • 1995 Akhkharu: Nosferatium Scriptoris
    Ishnigarrab Recordings cassette album (ISH036)