1996 Akhkharu: Nos Noctium Dominarium
Dark Age Productions cassette album (DAP014)

Nos Noctium DominariumBlack cassette housed in a clear flexi polycase with clear glossy inlay panel and additional cardboard slipcase. Recorded at Ishnigarrab Recordings 7/95 to 12/96. Limited to 100 copies.

Track Listing:

A1 Summoning the Sacred Staff (Of the Genetic Essence of Vampiric Blood)
A2 Nos Dominari Noctus
A3 Summoning the Astral Blood Essence (Adu Enki En I)
A4 Communion of the Brotherhood (Deny Thy Mortal Self)
B1 Ammaranth (Of the Feeding and Consumation of Blood)
B2 Funeral Winds of Necromantic Summonings
B3 De Arcanum Opus Noctium (The Ending Cycle of Lilith)