Akhkharu featured in Berith Zine #3

Berith Zine, in conjunction with Alexa Records, will feature the unreleased Akhkharu audio ritual, “Das Swartze Order und das Gesetzen (The Law of the Black Order)” in issue #3. This track is the first to be released with Akhtya Nachttoter (Michael W. Ford) on vocals. There will be an Akhkharu interview in the Zine as well as the track on the CD. Also included in Berith Zine#3: Crimson Moon, Balfor, Portae Obscuritas, Gnosis Occultus, Daphelium, Suicidal Nazareth, Eneysth, and Ishnagar.

Berith Zine

Alexa Records

Berith Zine #3